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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  May 7, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> my wife. luck. governor is lose weight. let's go to special report. good evening. i'm bret baier, north korea and south korea are still technically at war and have been for six decades. today, president obama met with the south's new leader amid bell lo does belloings among fighting for real. tough talk for the president was immediately compared and contrasted with the administration in action on the other side of the world. chief white house correspondent ed henry has tonight's story.
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>> reporter: president obama talking tough about north korea after his first meetings with south korea's new president pack genuine hey. >> the day north korea can c create a crisis, those days are over. >> reporter: she tried to project a menacing image. >> translator: regarding north korea's bad behavior, we will make them pay. if north korea engages in provocations, the military will make them pay. and they should act accordingly. >> reporter: mr. obama quickly found himself on defense handling over another hot spot, syria, when a reporter pressed over failure to act over perceived violations over the red line of baassad would emboln other bad actors across the
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world. >> there could be conferences to do nothing. that's why we're not doing nothing. there is evidence there has been the use of chemical weapons inside of syria. i don't make decisions based on perceived and i can't organize international coalitions around perceived. we've tried that in the past, by the way and it didn't work out well. >> reporter: beyond that shot against former president bush's ecution of the iraq war, mr. obama cited the takedowns of osama bin laden and omar cu tod -- gadhafi to cite he's serious about drive iing him from power. >> i think if we take a position, i think at this point the international community has a pretty good sense we typically follow through on our commitments. >> reporter: while north korea blinked monday and removed two ballistic missiles from the launch site, today, they threatened the u.s. and south korea over joint naval drills in the yellow sea with state korea
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warning if even a single shell drops across the waters during the test, the north will start firing at south korea. >> translator: they will turn the islands into a sea of flames. >> reporter: defense secretary chuck hagel said today the u.s. and our allies are prepared for any contingency but hopes north korea realizes the better option is peace. >> ed, thank you, on the north lawn. tomorrow is the day what could be a blockbuster congressional hearing on the benghazi whistle attack. and expecting to hear that the obama administration lied about what led up to it and blew the response itself and lied about that. more from the state department. >> reporter: at her senate confirmation hearing to be the next ambassador to libya, debra k. jones spoke about the last two. >> if committed i will carry on
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with congress. >> reporter: on wednesday the house oversight committee will hear testimony from the ambassador's assistant, hicks, i asked is there anything coming, anything out there to help our people from the military? the answer again was the same as before. what was that answer a committee investigator asked. the answer is they're too far away. there is nothing, nothing that could respond. >> if you have people that are being killed, the answer you don't come as you are is r reprehensible. >> that they were told to step down was disputed. >> gregory hicks testified before our board to the best of our recollection. he didn't make that suggestion to our board. however, it was our conclusion there were not assets in place
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able to reach benghazi in time to have made any significant difference in the attack on the u.s. mission. >> with the committee also set to hear allegations leveled against then secretary of state hillary clinton as well as key aides to her and president obama charges already vehemently denied by the obama administration the panel's ranking democrat is decrying advance leaks for the testimony. >> i demand hearing for everybody, for the benefit of everybody. >> reporter: state officials have already begun whispering how whistle-blower witnesses career civil servants with impressive jobs have ax s es to draw and that the state department has threatened them against testifying. >> thank you. tennessee republican bob corker is predicting the u.s. will soon be arming syrian rebels. secretary of state john kerry and russian president vladimir
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putin discussed the serious situation today in moscow. kerry says he hopes the two can find common ground. iran's race is officially under way to replace mahmoud ahmadinejad, who cannot serve a third term. back at home and amazing story in cleveland, ohio. sounds more like a movie plot, three women held captive for ten years, suddenly free and their alleged captors in custody. our correspondent has the remarkable real life details from cleveland. >> reporter: the ten year nightmare came to an end with a 911 call to police. help me, i'm amanda berry. >> you need police, fire or ambulance? >> i need police. >> what's going on there? >> i've been kidnapped and i've been missing for 10 years. i'm here. i'm free now. >> reporter: now, police believe
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27-year-old berry and 32-year-old night and de jesus spent the night as prisoners by three brothers ages 50 to 54 a house police visited at least once in the last ten years. >> january 2004 as a result of investigation initiated by children and family services, cleveland police went to the address and knocked on the door and unsuccessful in making contact with anybody inside that home. that incident appears to have been related to mr. castro's employment as a school bus driver. >> reporter: it all began to unrav unravel monday evening when charles ramsey heard a woman screaming from the house. >> we kicked on the bottom and lucky lit was aluminum and cheap. she climbed out with her daughter and when the police get here, she said there's three more girls up here.
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>> reporter: after escaping the house the three were taken to the hospital for examination. other than a little thin, they were found to be in good physical health. their emotional condition is something doctors will continue to monitor. all three are back home with family and friends after being released from the hospital this morning. >> i will tell you this, because i was there to see her. all three girls, god works in mysterious ways. you would never -- it's just unbelievable. unbelievable, these girls, these women are so strong, stronger than i am. i will tell you that much. and they all have a positive attitude. >> reporter: for those that lived just feet away from castro, joy over their escape is mixed with feelings of regret. >> i know i'm supposed to be excited and happy. right now, i'm like more mad at myself. mad at my neighbors for n not -- we could have saved these gir girls. >> reporter: police are
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continuing to sift through the mountains of evidence from what can best be described as a 10 year crime scene and that process is expected to continue at least the next several days. bret. >> live in cleveland. thank you very much. we are through six days in deliberation is in the philadelphia abortion doctor trial and there was a significant move today by the jury. shannon bream is there. and parts of this are disturbing. >> reporter: good evening. it appears the jury is still considering the most serious charges kermit is charged with, four babies allegedly born alive at his clinic and then killed. today, jurors asked to re-hear the testimony of former clinic employee, linda williams. she has testified with regard to the infant known as baby c, as a mitting after gosnell delivered the baby, it was breathing and moving for 20 minutes before she snipped its spine, killing it.
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willia williams pleaded guilty to third degree murder in that case and a patient who died from a drug overdose. though the case has largely been ignored by the mainstream media, it is getting a lot of attention from the republican lawmakers who believe the gosnell case is not a rare exception. congresswoman marsha blackburn said 15 state investigations back up that claim. >> what we're hearing it doesn't matter if it's washington d.c. or new york city or virginia, or delaware or wherever, that this is more the norm and the gosnell clinic is not the outlier and it is something that indeed the departments of health need to step up how they are looking at these and how they're regulating them. >> reporter: republican senator mike lee, along with 10 other gop senators have introduced a resolution calling for a review of policies that led to the alleged conditions at the gosnell clinic. he said congress has a responsibility to investigate
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situations like this in which a viabli viable baby could be born alive and left without quote equal protection under the law. >> thshannon, thank you. home prices rose 10% in march, the biggest gain since march of 2006 and the dow was up 87, for its first ever close above 15,000. the s&p 500 also hit a fresh high, finishing up 8 1/2. the nasdaq gains four today. speaking of money, the new treasury secretary tries to get his signature ready for primetime. up next, is the southern border really more secure than ever? depends who's doing the talkingn , you will lose 3 sets of keys 4 cell phones 7 socks and 6 weeks of sleep but one thing you don't want to lose is any more teeth. if you wear a partial, you are almost twice as likely to lose your supporting teeth. new poligrip and polident for partials 'seal and protect'
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another argument here today just how secure the southern border with mexico is or is not. the obama administration is insisting again it is more
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secure than ever before. republicans beg to differ. tonight, chief national correspondent, jim engle, how this ties into events. >> reporter: the border must be secure before they can move forward with immigration citizenship. the border security is not only the first step but also an essential one. >> that's the thing that will certify the ability to move forward with the other areas. if in fact the american people can't trust the border is controlled, you can't pass this bill. >> we will not get comprehensive immigration reform unless the public has confidence in what you do, unless the public honestly believes this will be a sea change. >> one of the chief propone enlgents of the bill agrees. >> people will support it so long as we can be assured it
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went be at risk for the future. >> reporter: senator rubio says it sets up $5.5 billion up front for security and more later if necessary. >> they will not be able to apply for green cards unless the border security card is fully implemented, any border fencing plan is fully implemented. >> reporter: that extra money may well be needed because lawmakers of both parties are skeptical. >> far too many of the aircraft for border patrol aren't fitted with sensors proven to be effective. >> reporter: but they are improving. >> homeland security made more than 5400 arrests in 2012 representing an increase of over 20% from 2009. >> reporter: and the inspector general said they are doing better but has a long way to go. >> based on our work and jeo's work, their track record has been admittedly lackluster to
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date. >> reporter: she did say dhs has put a skeleton together for security but critics remain doubtful. >> this legislation declares it has triggers to guarantee the border enforcement will be in place. that's not true. >> reporter: sessions argues the new bill leaves certification of border security up to secretary janet napolitano, already made up her mind. >> she already said we need no more fencing and said we have things basically under control at 3 border. >> reporter: senator rubio has encouraged any with questions to raise them and even proposed improvements and this is an area in which he just might get some. bret. >> much more this week on this topic. jim, thank you. president obama is demanding changes in the way the military deals with sexual abuse following an arrest of the sexual battery charge of the air force officer in charge of responding to sexual assault cases. the air force was already reeling from a sexual assault scandal at its main training facility involving 33
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instructors accused of assault. national security correspondent is live. good evening. >> reporter: good evening. it's a major embarrassment for the pentagon and the commander in chief. the director of the air force assault prevention program, lieutenant colonel jeff krusinski was charged with sexual battery saturday accused of assaulting and groping a woman from virginia not far from where he was posted. he's out on bail. >> i expect consequences. i don't want just more speeches or awareness programs or training. >> we're all outraged and disgusting di disgusted over these very troubling allegations. sexual assault is a despicable crime and one of the most serious challenges facing this department. >> reporter: the arrest of
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colonel krusinski came two days after the annual report released today on sexual assault in the military and found there are more than 70 assaults in military personnel every day, an increase of 6% from the year befor before. >> some of it is the hook-up mentality in junior high of high school students now my children can tell you about, from watching their friends and being frustrated by it. the same demographic group moves into the military. >> obviously, there's a failing in training and understanding what sexual assault is and how corrosive and damaging it is to good order and discipline. >> reporter: senator gillibrand was addressing michael donnelly. she and others on the armed services committee were outraged today. >> live at the pentagon, thank you. still ahead, the president's call for bigger government. first, a political rookie versus a veteran on the campaign trail.
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speaker john boehner said entitlement reform must be part of any deal to raise the debt ceiling this time around. he is also calling for tax reform and less spending. in a conversation today with rich edson of the fox business network. >> we have two problems. we have a spending problem and secondly, we have this slow economic growth. it's pathetic. the president will go out on the jobs tour and talk about how the economy is growing. barely. so if we're serious about solving our spending problem, we need to look at the revenue side. the revenue side means getting our economy going again, helping people get better wages and
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better opportunities for better jobs. >> polls close at the top of the hour in south korcarolina's fir congressional district for one of the most unusual special elections in recent memory. involves a disgrace d politicia on the come back trail and sister of a political sat t tierist. trying to make a come back. >> just after casting his ballot, former governor mark sanford said you only get one second chance in politics and this is his. the republican who represented south carolina's gop leaning congressional direct has tightened the race with democrat, elizabeth colbert bush who cast her ballot today. >> sanford has done a very savvy job from trying to change the conversation i way from the character and personal issues and focus more on the political issues. in that realm, he does better
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than colbert bush with the voters in this district. >> reporter: those character issues date back to 2009 when then governor sanford was caught traveling out of the country for an extramarital affair. throughout this campaign, sanford has talked candidly about his past mistakes and also played on the district's fiscal conservative sensibilities by pointing out campaign funding and support his opponent has received from unions, nancy pelosi and other congressional democrats. >> the first commercial district, really goes to the heart of what does pelohse or others want in congress. >> reporter: cobetter bush, long time maritime shipping executive and sister of comedian stephen cobert insists her values are the same as the conservative ones. >> no one tells me what to do except for them period. >> reporter: but this is
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attracting national attention. the justice department is conducting what it calls routine poll monitoring under the 1965 voting rights act. this is the first general election since south carolina's new voteding id took effect. if co she wins, it would be difficult for another democrat to win. and if sanford wins, he may have to mend fence's with members of his own political party who may still regard him as a liability. >> jonathan serrie from charleston, thank you. we'll have the results as soon as we get them on fox. another student, another play-time and another suspension. to make your shake your head, next in the grapevine. not even bill clinton can get the band back together.
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now, some fresh pickings from the political grapevine. treasury secretary, jack lew has made good on his promise to the president to improve his handwriting before he starts signing money. the treasury secretary's signature always appears on the currency. president obama joked when nominating lew, he would need to make some changes to the row of curly qs lew had been using which resembled the decoration on a hostess cupcake. last week, he signed a report with a far more legible
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signature, that made some to speculate whether he was really doing the signing and cleaning up his significant for the post. and a boy has suspended for holding a pencil like a gun. he pointed is at a boy and made machine gun noises. the school has a zero tolerance on weapons and says a pencil qualifies when it is pointed at someone in a threatening way. the boy's parents said the school failed to use common sense. christopher was suspended for two days. finally, he's known for his charisma and charm and diplomacy, even former president bill clinton was not able to broker reunion of one off the greatest rock bands of all time. he tried to convince led zep pel lin to reunite last year for a benefit concert following
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superstorm sandy. they said no. the last time they played together publicly was a concert in london in 2007. sunday, president obama gave graduates at ohio state university a message many analysts described as pro big government. tonight, our correspondent, on what that tells us on the president's philosophy and how different it is from some of his predecess predecessors. >> reporter: the government was skeptical. i am not a friend of energetic government, said thomas jefferson, it is always oppressive. those who give up a little liberty for temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. in ohio, president obama put out a different view. >> unfortunately you grew up hearing voices that incessantly warn of government as nothing more than some separate sinister enemy at the root of all our problems. you should reject these voices. >> obama comes from a different tradition. he comes from the tradition of
3:33 pm
woodrow wilson and so-called progressive movement that sees government as a wonderful good thing that is supposed to take care of us. >> reporter: measured per household, the federal government is spending more than any time. since 1965, spending has grown by 152%. from $11,900 to over $30,000 in 2012. critics say the u.s. is edging towards a european style econom economy. >> we're going to have the exact same problems of a very stifling tax burden that discourages productive behavior while at the same time, having an excessive public sector that lures people into unproductive activity. >> reporter: not so says lorali kelly. who sees the president's address tailored to the tech savvy younger generation. >> young people have an important role to play in very positive sense because they understand their whole world view is connected. everybody loves to beat up on the government and sound like we can do more with less.
3:34 pm
the truth is what we need to start thinking about is how to update modernize and reform our government. >> technology may not solve the harsh realities facing graduates, scarce jobs, aging parents and tough challenges. >> thanks. new jersey governor chris christie secretly underwent a weight loss procedure in february. doctors performed lap band surgery. the 50-year-old governor says he has battled his weight 20 years and said he made his decision for the sake of his wife and kids and not because of a possible presidential run. the president talks north korea, syria and whether the u.s. still has its mojo. the fox allstars are next. aaah! jessica! whoa! your friend's a rate sucker. her bad driving makes car insurance more expensive for the rest of us.
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now you can get all the online trading tools you need without any surprise fees. ♪ it's not rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. in short, the days when north korea could create a crisis and elicit concessions, those days are over. >> translator: regarding nhk's provocations and bad behavior, we will make them pay, so if north korea engages in provocation, i will fully trust the judgment of our military. if our military makes a judgment they feel this is right thing they should act accordingly. >> president obama meeting with the south korean president, talking tough about north korea, a bit on the defensive when a reporter asked about syria, what was perceived lack of action about the red line the president
3:39 pm
talked about of chemical weapons being used in syria, his answer to that. m >> i would note that you suggest suggested, even in your question, a perceived crossing of a red line. the operative word there, i guess, is perceived. what i've said is that we have evidence that there has been the use of chemical weapons inside of syria, but i don't make decisions based on perceived. i can't organize international coalitions around perceived. we tried that in the past, by the way, and it didn't work out well. >> let's bring in our panel tonight. tucker carlson, host of "fox and friends" weekend and the others. tucker, two deficit foreign policy objectives. two different very different ways to go about it. >> that's right. in the clip you see the
3:40 pm
president is walking back against his previous threat against syria. i have to say good for him. the u.s. doesn't have a pressing national interest to entering into the civil war in syria to a greater degree than we already are. the president said in this press conference we will topple the assad government. he also went on to say the u.s. has a moral obligation to stop the killing in syria. it would be interesting for him to explain where that moral obligation comes from. the declaration of independence, constitution, the bible? we don't have a moral obligation. we look at it with regret. there's no obligation to get deeply involved in this country and i have to say i think his moral restraint is warranted. >> he also said we had a moral abgation to act in libya after the mass graves there and in syria topped 70,000 or more. he said numerous times in the last year and a half, two years,
3:41 pm
assad's days are numbered and now number 500 plus days. >> i think when he said his days are numbered, they were expecting him to fall. in this haven't necessarily gone the way they wanted them to. i disagree, i think we have a moral obligation. they're not necessarily the same. libya and syria are not the same. didn't support the libya intervention based on the information we mad. i think that when you have good information and when you can act, you should, if it's minimal loss of life to the united states. i think what the president is saying we don't have enough information. that's his position right now. he wants to be absolutely sure before we do anything. i don't think it would necessarily be a humanitarian intervention at this point anyway since 70,000 people have already died. >> i disagree with tucker as well. i don't want to go so far as i agree with kirsten. we don't want to mess with t anything. but i think you do what you can
3:42 pm
to stop mass killing. that doesn't mean you always do it or other factors that don't come into play. president obama in that press conference today, he said, people think i'm not going to do anything. as we know from bin laden and- >> let's play that sound bite about credibility. >> i would just point out that there have been several instances during the course of my presidency where i said i was going to do something and it ended up getting done. there were times when there were folks on the sidelines wondering why hasn't it happened yet and what's going on and why didn't it go on tomorrow, but in the end, whether it's bin laden or gadhafi, if we say we're taking a position, i would think at this point the international community has a pretty good sense that we typically follow through on our commitments. >> yeah. i think it's pretty outrageous
3:43 pm
what the just did there. when he says "we" he's using the royal we and talking about himself, his credibility, what he has said, he wants to pretend he's been consistent all along. he's talking about what he said about syria as if he's talking about finishing a model airplane or something, it can sit on your desk and nothing will change until you come back to it. the standard he set up in libya, we can't stand by while people are being slaughtered. red lines delayed are red lines denied in a certain sense. just ask the germans. at the end of the day, the standards that he has set for himself, in terms of libya and all the rest have boiled down to him basically saying, let the slaughter continue. i'm not saying we should go in now. i actually think circumstances have changed to a point tucker's argument has more weight in that it's less obviously in our interest now than it might have been a year ago when we actually could have had a better impact. >> what about the credibility
3:44 pm
argument, tucker? what we're talking about here. say the president says one thing, he puts it all on the line. the united states credibility is on the line. >> that's a valid point, absolutely. that's a valid argument and some ways diminished the credibility of the u.s. by not living up to the promises he made. the argument i was making not that the u.s. should help other countries and stop genocide. we do. we're a decent and rich country and have for hundreds of years. the question is whether it's our moral obligation to do so. that's a distinct difference. from that policy flows. if there's a moral obligation, determine where that obligation comes from and look down the mor moral. if it does, we have to attack. any who argues toppling that government, they don't have an answer and they need one. >> everything you said, you can have a moral obligation and everything you said be completely true. you shouldn't just rush into a country and topple a government.
3:45 pm
i don't know anybody talking about toppling the government. >> obama did today. he promised he would. >> we're talking about what kind of minimal activity could we do to try to mitigate this situation. i don't think we're talking about necessarily sending grounds troops in. >> the biggest question mark, who are the opposition fighters and what's this composition? there are people we like and people we don't know, frankly. >> that's why i was saying the circumstances now lend themselves to tucker's argument more than a year and half ago. now, this is basically the spanish civil war of the middle east. you have bad guys fighting bad guys. it's a sunni shia problem. there was a time we could have had a no-fly zone and encouraged the right rebels and given them a strength and hand and my understanding that ship has sailed. next up, barack obama and big government. [ male announcer ] running out of steam?
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unfortunately, you've grown up hearing voices that incessantly warn of government is nothing more than some separate sinister entity that's at the root of all our problems. some of these same voices also do their best to gum up the works. they'll warn tierney is always lurking just around the corner. you should reject these voices. because what they suggest is that our brave and creative and unique experiment in self-rule is somehow just a sham, with which we can't be trusted. we have never been a people who place all of our faith in government to solve our problems. we should want to. but we don't think the government is the source of all our problems either.
3:50 pm
>> president obama talking to graduates at ohio state. it's the first of three speeches he'll deliver, commencement speeches, talking about government, the size of government, the role of government. we're back with the panel. kato has an interesting graphic, looks at federal spending per household looking back through the decades adjusted for inflation. you can look at 1960, $11,900 per household. 2027, 330,1$30,15 and 2022, 34, adjusted for inflation. we're back with the panel. >> give obama some credit. this has been one of his most consistent ideas of his public life. if you go back and read his speeches, something i have done for reasons stemming from an original sin or something, you find he is constantly
3:51 pm
reiterating this basic idea. government is us, he likes to say, the biblical injunction to be our brother's keeper is why he got into politics. the distribution convention opened with a video saying government is the one thing we all belong to. to my ears is complete inversion of the american founding, the government belong us to, we don't belong to government. be that as it may. this is his pitch, he wants to erase i what i think is the natural american tendency to fear tierney whichist i think is healthy because it keeps tierney at bay. >> on the flip side, there is a cynical population looking at washington, kirsten, a lot of people saying i don't want go into public service because these people in this town can't get anything done. why would i do that? >> wise people, i would say. this is a philosophical argument, separates democrats and republicans. what is the role of government?
3:52 pm
is it something that is a net good in the country? is it someone you turn to to remedy problems or is it something that creates problems and gumming up the gears? i think that's the argument obama was making essentially. >> ion any conservatives who don't think government can do some good. what obama's formulation is like the government is going to take the role of essentially providing all those functions civil society and families and churches provided. it is the only thing. you listen to his second inaugural. his entire formulation is there's the government and the individual and nothing in between. >> families and churches aren't providing for that. that's the fallacy. >> in part, they're become iing becoming -- by the government. >> we would have never needed social security or medicare if they did. we would have never done these things. >> to say you only commit public service when you work for the
3:53 pm
government. you do it when you hire people and raise decent kids. >> i think his remarks are or wa wailien. he begins, i'm sorry you had to listen to different remarks than me and attacks on government is attacks on self-rule. i would argue, the facts are on my side. the government is self-rule. you have a government that listens to your e-mail, your telephone conversation, what kind of soda you can drink, light bulb you can illuminate your bedroom fwith. those are attacks on free agency and self-rule period. >> the killer light bulb. >> if you can't make that decision, what decisions can you make? >> we live in a society, tucker. do you not want them regulating our water? should we let them put sewage in the water without impinching on
3:54 pm
people's rights we can't have lead in our paint? come on. >> here's the line. adults ought to be able to make mistakes and to the extent they're not hurting other people they ought to be able to stumble and fall if they choose. that's what free will is, the right and ability to determine the course of your own life. and that is not a wacko. so when did the left become so trusting of authority? when i was a kid, the left said don't trust anybody. now, they're on the side of government. it's scary. >> it is a natural american bipartisan tendency. the left tends to worry about too aggressive national security scuff, police power stuff. the right worries too much about the nanny state stuff. libertarians tend to worry about both. seems to me barack obama and hillary clinton and all these people sayi ining government is keeper thing were at the forefront of saying we're giving up our liberties when president bush was in office. >> that's a fair criticism.
3:55 pm
ion why you would be criticizing. obama took what bush did and expanding it and i heard conservatives defending it and there are plenty of people at the nation magazine criticizing him. glenn greenwald at the guardian. there are true liberals. you have a true criticism about the establishment for sure. there's a real problem there. >> the new american foundation says everybody loves to beat up on the government and sound like we can do more with less. can't we do more with less? >> probably. look, i worked in the clinton administration. i worked in the government. there's no question there's places that can be cut but also a very serious role for government in society. >> i don't disagree. >> they're good at pave iing ro and wars but not good at nuance. >> we have to go. stay tuned for an honest expected postgame visitor. save on boat and motorcycle insurance too. other insurance companies are green with envy. oh, no, no, no...i'm sorry, but this is all wrong?
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>> bret: finally tonight well live television is life. many variables you can't control, weather, loud fans, technical difficulties and little toddlers. yeah, little toddlers. take a look at the post game show thunder game wednesday. the focus was not on the analysis of the game but the the youngest photo bomber of all time. >> it was a game-time decision. he worked out the last couple of days. he worked out earlier today. the decision was made that he just could not go and it was better to let him rest up for perhaps game number 6 so he will be ready for friday night.
4:00 pm
[ laughter ] >> bret: no pants. thanks for inviting us into your home. that's it for "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. >> shepard: this is the fox report. tonight, another major milestone for your money. the dow closes above 15,000 for the first time ever. and the historic highs are not just about the dow. more on that. plus the day's other news. but first from fox this tuesday night. for the first time in years, three women who went missing in cleveland are home with their families as fox reports tonight. after rough lay decade as hostage, living a nightmare, police say trapped and held captive in their kidnapper's home. amanda barry, gina dejesus and knight disappeared between 2002 and 2004. police h